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February 26, 2024

Bajaj Finance closing price: Rs 6697.85, 6-Month Beta 1.4994.


– Bajaj Finance witnesses a 0.67% decrease in current price with -0.65% one-day returns.

– Live updates on Bajaj Finance stock including last traded price, market capitalization, volume, price-to-earnings ratio, and earnings per share.

The article provides real-time updates on Bajaj Finance’s stock performance. The current price of Bajaj Finance is Rs 6653.15 with a decrease of 0.67% and one-day returns of -0.65%. Additionally, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA3) is at 6676.21. Over the past week, the stock has experienced a negative return of 0.28%. However, over the past three years, Bajaj Finance has delivered a solid return of 26.92%. The closing price of the stock was Rs 6697.85 with a 6-month beta of 1.4994 and a weekly return of -0.22%. The stock has also seen negative returns of -5.27% in the last month and -5.31% in the last three months. Despite these fluctuations, there was a marginal increase in stock price with trading volume reaching 1.28 million units.

This article aims to provide valuable market insights and analysis to help investors make informed decisions regarding Bajaj Finance’s trajectory. It covers various data points such as live updates, price movements, and historical returns to give a comprehensive overview of the stock’s performance.