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March 25, 2024

Bank-fintech partnerships bridging financial literacy gap for wealth transfer readiness.


  • Wealth transfer readiness is crucial, highlighting the need for financial education.
  • Credit unions can bridge the financial literacy gap through bank-fintech partnerships.

In the face of an upcoming wealth transfer from Baby Boomers to younger generations, the importance of equipping individuals with financial education is emphasized. The United States is currently facing a significant gap in financial literacy, with a lack of basic money management skills among teens and insufficient preparation in financial matters for children. Credit unions are at the forefront of addressing this educational deficit through strategic partnerships with fintech companies.

By integrating financial education tools and resources into their banking services, credit unions empower their members to make informed financial decisions and establish themselves as trusted financial advisors. Delivering this education in a digital-first manner, such as through interactive videos and gamified learning experiences, can enhance engagement and retention of financial concepts, catering to the preferences of younger generations.

Furthermore, there is a demand for financial education not only among youth but also among parents, who may feel ill-equipped to teach their children about finances. This presents an opportunity for credit unions to deepen relationships with their members by addressing this critical need. By preparing individuals and families to manage inherited wealth responsibly, these initiatives also contribute to closing the financial literacy gap in the United States.