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January 18, 2024

Bajaj Finance lags, trails rivals, and fails on Thursday performance.


Bajaj Finance, a leading Indian non-banking financial company, underperformed its competitors on Thursday with a 1.25% decline in share price. The overall stock market also experienced a poor trading session, with the S&P BSE Sensex Index falling 0.44%. Bajaj Finance closed nearly 925 rupees below its 52-week high and its trading volume surpassed its 50-day average volume.

Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BFL), a leading Indian non-banking financial company, saw a decline in share price on Thursday compared to its competitors. BFL shares slipped 1.25% to 7,265.20 Indian rupees on what was an all-around poor trading session for the stock market. The S&P BSE Sensex Index fell 0.44% to 71,186.86. BFL closed 924.80 rupees short of its 52-week high of 8,190.00 rupees, which it reached on October 6. The decline in share price comes as Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. (M&MFIN) also experienced a 0.55% decline to 277.80 rupees.

The trading volume for BFL on Thursday was 66,505, which is higher than its 50-day average volume of 42,693. BFL’s underperformance in the stock market may be indicative of larger market trends or concerns about the company’s financial standing.