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January 17, 2024

Danske Bank + BackBase: Empowering Better Digital Banking Experience

Danske Bank has partnered with BackBase to enhance its digital banking services. BackBase’s Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) will be used to provide seamless, personalized experiences for Danske Bank’s customers. The collaboration is part of Danske Bank’s Forward ’28 strategy, which aims to strengthen its position as a leading bank in the Nordic region. The partnership with BackBase will enable Danske Bank to improve the digital banking experience and offer market-leading convenience and personalization to its customers. This move aligns with the increasing focus on online banking and digital transformation in the financial industry. Alongside this partnership, Danske Bank also announced a significant increase in its annual investments to further enhance its digital platforms, advisory services, and sustainability. Although the shift to online banking may lead to a reduction in physical bank branches, the future of banking is expected to continue evolving in 2024 with a focus on digital banking and payments.