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January 26, 2024

Experian reveals 6 cutting-edge cyber trends shaping 2024.

In its annual Data Breach Industry Forecast, Experian has identified six cybercrime trends that are expected to emerge in 2024:

– Third-party data breaches: Cybercriminals are predicted to target systems four, five, or six degrees away from the original source, as data collection and movement increase.

– Incremental attacks: Rather than making drastic moves, hackers may alter small amounts of data to stay under the radar and achieve their goals.

– Emerging cybercriminal nations: A new country in South Asia with a large population of engineers and programmers may join the international cybercrime stage.

– Targeting rare earth materials: Hackers may seize the opportunity to disrupt the supply chain for rare earth materials, which are essential for hardware production.

– Sophisticated cybergangs: Like drug cartels, cybercriminal organizations are forming alliances and seeking to expand their monopolies.

– Insider threats: Threat actors may target publicly traded companies to gain insights that can be used for stock market manipulation or to plan attacks.

In order to combat these evolving cybercriminal tactics, Experian recommends that companies invest in sophisticated prevention and response methods.