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February 7, 2024

Introducing Papaya Global: Revolutionizing payments for your workforce in Israel.

Papaya Global, an Israeli FinTech company, has announced the launch of its new workforce payments platform. The platform will enable the execution of worker payments in various currencies and locations, with native connectivity to existing payroll systems. Papaya Global believes that payroll companies without embedded payments and AI technology will struggle to survive, as customers will increasingly demand end-to-end solutions that cover payroll calculation and payment execution on a single platform.

Papaya Global will showcase its new platform in a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl. The ad, titled “Small balls. Big Game,” features self-bouncing ping pong balls to highlight the company’s AI-powered workforce payments platform. The creative team behind the ad includes Emmy Award winner Matt McCarron, Webby and Cannes Award winner Jonathan Vingiano, and Super Bowl ads veteran Alon Seifert.

Overall, Papaya Global’s new workforce payments platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution for managing worker payments across different locations and currencies. The company believes that the incorporation of AI technology and embedded payments is necessary for payroll companies to stay competitive in the industry. The Super Bowl advertisement is an opportunity for Papaya Global to generate awareness and showcase the capabilities of its platform on a large scale.