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January 31, 2024

Introducing Quantifind’s exciting 2024 product upgrades, now revealed

As 2024 unfolds, Quantifind is marking the year with a series of substantial product enhancements, underscoring its enduring pledge to provide top-tier experiences to its clientele.

Quantifind has expanded its language capabilities significantly and introduced additional non-Latin character sets, allowing for searches for Japanese and Korean entity names across all its Graphyte products.

Quantifind has prioritized regulatory compliance and integrated over 100 new Regulatory Enforcement lists from 37 countries, expanding its compliance capabilities.

Quantifind has introduced new Risk Factor topics to address broader societal and environmental concerns such as illegal fishing activity.

For Quantifind customers utilizing its API-only Screening and Monitoring solution, a new endpoint has been introduced that allows for the simultaneous screening of a new customer or applicant and the initiation of their monitoring from that very moment.

These product enhancements highlight Quantifind’s commitment to providing top-tier experiences and addressing the evolving needs of its clientele.