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January 29, 2024

JPMorgan and YouLend: Bridging the SME funding gap together.

JPMorgan and YouLend have completed a private securitisation transaction, allowing YouLend to provide over $5 billion in financing to SMEs. YouLend has become a preferred financing platform for major e-commerce and payments platforms, and the partnership with JPMorgan demonstrates a commitment to empowering SMEs. YouLend’s AI-driven decision-making model enhances financial inclusion by offering financing to underserved SMEs. The funding from JPMorgan will allow YouLend to expand its origination volumes and provide competitive rates to its global partners. The partnership is particularly important as SMEs account for around 50% of UK GDP and are a key driver of economic growth. YouLend has already provided funding to 150,000 SMEs, leading to a 26% increase in sales and contributing $8.6 billion in revenue to the GDP. JPMorgan joins other capital providers such as Allianz Global Investors and Castlelake, L.P. in supporting YouLend’s growth.