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January 18, 2024

Top-notch: Hong Kong Business Steals the Show at Davos Finance Chief Reveals

In an exclusive interview, Hong Kong’s finance chief Paul Chan revealed that the leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos were more concerned about the city’s economic developments than the impending Article 23 national security law. Chan stated that the overall sentiment towards Hong Kong has improved compared to last year, with participants expressing interest in the city’s efforts to attract strategic enterprises and talent. While Article 23 was mentioned during the discussions, business leaders understand that it is a necessary legislation that must be passed. Some suggest passing the law quickly so that the focus can shift to business opportunities and using Hong Kong as a platform to capture regional opportunities. Chan emphasized that his discussions with leaders remained focused on business opportunities and that many attendees expressed interest in visiting Hong Kong to see for themselves.

During his time at Davos, Chan also met with various companies and officials from different countries. He discussed expanding cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, enhancing investment for green and sustainable projects, and collaborating with southern countries. Chan’s efforts to highlight Hong Kong’s economic developments and attract international business reflect the government’s goal of maintaining the city’s status as a global financial hub.