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March 19, 2024

Fin+Tech unveils 14 startups for third acceleration program.


  • CDP Venture Capital’s Accelerator, Fin+Tech, has selected 14 startups for its third acceleration program.
  • The selected startups completed a 4-month program with investments of up to €300,000 and ongoing mentorship support.

The third Acceleration Program of CDP Venture Capital’s Fin+Tech accelerator has announced the selection of 14 innovative startups. Established in 2021, the accelerator aimed to support startups and SMEs in the fintech and insurtech sectors, making them more competitive both nationally and internationally. After a rigorous selection process, 14 startups, including Dichiarofacile, Dishup, Dwelly, and Elemento, were chosen for their market potential. These startups completed a 4-month program that included investments of up to €300,000 and ongoing mentorship support to help them prepare for further funding and market competition.

Over the years, Fin+Tech has received over 1,100 applications from 60 countries, indicating significant interest in the Italian market. The accelerator has supported 41 startups, collectively raising €10 million, and initiated 25 collaborations with corporate partners. Senior Partner Stefano Molino expressed satisfaction with the project’s impact, highlighting the determination of entrepreneurs to innovate the finance sector. The selected startups cover a range of areas from domestic worker management to cybersecurity and AI-based platforms for real estate and insurance. Corporate partners such as Nexi and BNP Paribas continue to support the initiative, recognizing the potential of these startups in shaping the future of fintech.