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March 19, 2024

Techscaler partners FinTech Scotland to boost sector growth.


  • Techscaler and FinTech Scotland have announced a strategic partnership to drive forward Scotland’s fintech sector development.
  • The collaboration will provide FinTech SMEs with access to mentorship, educational courses, and networking opportunities through the Techscaler membership.

In a move to accelerate the growth of Scotland’s fintech sector, Techscaler and FinTech Scotland have joined forces to support the scaling fintech community in the region. With FinTech SMEs employing over 10,500 people across 226 enterprises in Scotland, this partnership aims to cultivate innovation and showcase the vibrant fintech community. Techscaler’s three main programmes, including Startup First Steps, Startup Next Steps, and Reforge, will now be accessible to FinTech Scotland’s affiliated scaling firms, providing them with an extensive network and support system.

Through the partnership, Techscaler and Reforge will offer access to Silicon Valley playbooks and best practices to founders in Scotland scaling their teams. This collaboration aims to connect different parts of the tech ecosystem and offer a stronger suite of support to founders, enhancing collaboration opportunities and fostering growth for fintech innovators. Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead highlighted the importance of this partnership in showcasing Scotland’s innovation and supporting a fair and growing economy.

Looking ahead, the partnership will include a Founder Roundtable event to gather insights from fintechs and industry leaders, with the goal of curating activities and support mechanisms that meet the fintech community’s needs. Scotland’s commitment to fintech innovation is further demonstrated through its ten-year sector roadmap, targeting job creation and economic value increase in key segments such as open finance data, climate finance, payments and transactions, and financial regulation. Through initiatives like the Financial Regulation Innovation Lab (FRIL), launched by FinTech Scotland, Techscaler will leverage its expertise to advance the adoption of new technologies in the fintech sector.

By bridging the gap between tech startup support and fintech innovation, the partnership between Techscaler and FinTech Scotland is poised to drive growth and foster a dynamic ecosystem for Scotland’s fintech sector.