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March 18, 2024

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  • Wealthify is a robo-advisor focusing on making investment accessible to all by offering fractional shareholding.
  • Although competition is fierce, Wealthify’s main challenge is to convince more of the UK population to invest.

Wealthify, founded in 2016, aims to break down barriers to investing by offering app-based services with fractional shareholding. Competing with other plan-based robo-advisors and investment apps, Wealthify’s main challenge lies in convincing more of the UK population to invest. With a partnership with Aviva, Wealthify aims to leverage the legacy institution’s support and tech to ensure its continued success in the robo-advisor sector. Through a focus on accessibility, user experience, and partnerships, Wealthify is adapting to the changing retail investments space and aiming to alter the savings habits of the nation.