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March 18, 2024

Introducing iPipeline’s innovative annuity order tracker for fintech solutions.


  • iPipeline introduces OneView, a platform for managing annuity orders in real time
  • Advisors can track orders across multiple insurers, reducing back-and-forth communication and improving efficiency

Article Summary:

iPipeline, a fintech provider for the financial services sector, has launched OneView, a platform that allows advisors to monitor annuity orders from multiple insurers in real time. This innovative solution aims to streamline the application process by providing a centralized dashboard for tracking orders from inception to completion.

OneView utilizes industry-standardized status labels to reduce communication with insurers and minimize uncertainty in annuity purchases. By cutting down on applications that are not in good order, the platform helps advisors close business faster and focus more on client relationships.

The platform draws inspiration from the customer service model of food delivery services, where customers are kept informed at every step of the process. iPipeline’s OneView aims to bring this level of transparency and efficiency to the annuity industry, revolutionizing the way advisors manage annuity purchases.

With a strong track record in the industry, iPipeline has facilitated billions of dollars in life insurance premiums and annuities. The company’s network of agents, advisors, insurance carriers, and financial institutions positions OneView as a valuable tool in the financial services landscape.

Currently available exclusively to US advisors, OneView represents a significant advancement in annuity management technology, offering a more seamless and transparent experience for both advisors and clients.